About Ciel

Corporate Communications Management

Great communication is the foundation of every business. From developing the idea, to finding the right partnerships, to telling the story, communicating solves problems and develops lasting relationships. Providing clear, consistent, trustworthy information on your website + marketing materials is what your customers expect and deserve when making purchase decisions.


Whether it's products or services you sell, Ciel Communications guides your customers through the path of discovery, exploration and purchasing decisions. Telling the story of your business through websites, print and branded events.

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A Brief Timeline

Ciel Communications started in 2010 working with small public companies to communicate their message to investors, the public, and the media online and in-person.

In 2013, launched the DNVB eCommerce website Chelsea Jones Shoes and saw the potential to offer eCommerce services to other consumer brands.

 Today, working with private clients in the USA + Canada to reach their audiences through compelling content, eCommerce websites and corporate events.